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Thanks for stopping by to learn about The Compass Fellowship. Some exciting things are happening at the intersection of the university experience and sustainable social change, and we’re lucky to be in the middle of it. Perhaps you’ll join us.

At Compass, we believe that a student’s time in college is a terrific time to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. We have this idea that, surrounded by a strong community of mentors, students can bring a values-driven, action-oriented approach to college and in doing so dramatically increase the dividends of their experience on-campus.

More importantly, this idea has workedOver 1,200 students have gone through The Compass Fellowship. These members of the Compass tribe are entrepreneurs, intrapreneurstinkerers, and leaders of many stripes on and off campus. They’re using Google Glass technology to limit the challenges visually-impaired people face every day. They’re mobilizing the next generation of women leaders in schools around the world. They’re doing these things, and many more.  

We invite you to check out some of the stories from our community below and learn a bit more about what we’re all about. If anything you read below resonates, please apply.


From Student to Student:

Here's some of the advice passed on to next year's Fellowships from recent graduates:

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Many students are forced to make false choices, such as between:

At Compass, we believe:

You should make good while making money.
You should think and act adventurously.

Challenging our Fellows to make good with money is a strong incentive and enabler for creating long-term social impact.

Building a social business based on the ideas you love and problems you face is the single best way to learn to make a difference.



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Here's How We Do It:



We partner with forward-thinking universities to create a mentorship community of campus leaders and local CEOs, authors, and entrepreneurs to instill a proactive, values-based mindset while providing the skills and resources required to launch their own social ventures.

Meet the Compass Fellows!

Alice Wang

Alice Wang

Emily Raleigh

Emily Raleigh

Amy Chen

Amy Chen

Farhang Hooshmandnia

Farhang Hooshmandnia

Caroline Egan

Caroline Egan

Heather Hingston

Heather Hingston

Danielle Feerst

Danielle Feerst

Hunter Pritchard

Hunter Pritchard

Jack McDermott

Jack McDermott

Nicole Mortimer

Nicole Mortimer

Travis Smith

Travis Smith


...and 1000+ more!

I have always known that I wanted my life to be filled with work that pursued something greater than just monetary fulfillment; the Compass fellowship has given me the tools and direction I need to make that dream of mine a reality. I now understand that a ‘social business’ is not what a business could be, but what a business should be. The Compass culture is filled with so many wonderful, intelligent, and downright fun people, that I could not imagine my freshman year without it.
— Duncan Gillespie | Fellow, 09

And their ventures are extraordinary...

The Dynamic Speaking Label: Google Glass Barcode Reader for the Visually Impaired

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Our Fellowships exist on 20 amazing campuses in the US and Sweden, and we're actively building Fellowships at community colleges and additional entrepreneurship ecosystems.

At Compass, We Commit Unreasonably

With relatively few staff and monetary resources we've created the premiere 501c3 social entrepreneurship program, resulting in amazing new leaders and social businesses. With our established network and proven model we're ready to broaden our impact and enrich the lives and communities of many more budding change makers. If you're from a university, NGO, business or other stakeholder in entrepreneurship education, please see below for ways to engage with Compass!

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...not just another speaker oriented conference; instead, it was a platform for like minded students to come together and bounce ideas off of each other. Every single person was extremely passionate about their ideas and was all super supportive of my venture. I had never been in an environment where it was so easy to connect with people and share our dreams with each other. The speakers and the attendees provided me with clear directions, valuable suggestions and contacts, and tremendous support; it was both heart warming and motivating to gain others’ approval. The best part is that I know the connections I made during the two days will continue to solidify and grow as we all move on with our ventures.
— Compass Fellow | UC-Berkeley '12

Aditi Shekar, reflecting on her session at the 2013 Shift Series National Conference.

"Companies for Causes:" Tom Raffa on building positive change into company DNA

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Kenneth Cole Announces 2014 "Conscious Consumption" Grant Challenge

The value of my experience in the Compass Fellowship simply can’t be quantified, and I’ve tried. The best I can do is tell you that through Compass I got a job, started the business I never thought I could, and learned to see opportunity everywhere. I suppose those aren’t numbers, but they are the key successes of my professional life.

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